Light Weight

AAC Light Block of Guru Ganesh is 3 times lighter than traditional bricks.

Cost Saving

Speed and Ease of installation result in cost savings compared to traditional masonry construction. Plastering and Mortar cost can be saved too.

Thermal Insulation

Guru Ganesh AAC have excellent thermal insulation properties which result in improved comfort level and saves heating and cooling costs.

Fire Resistance

AAC Light Block are more superior than traditional bricks and hence has fire resistant up to 4 hours for a nominal block thickness of 100 mm.

Sound Resistance

AAC Light Blocks are scientifically proven to provide better insulation to sound transmitted by air compared with other solid building materials.

Water Resistance

AAC Light Block of Guru Ganesh contains millions of closed microscopic cells which strongly resist moisture from passing through. Only 1 inch water can pass through when block is sinked in the water for 6 hours.

Speed and Ease in Construction

AAC Light Block is almost 10 times the traditional bricks and hence it takes less time in the construction. AAC Light Block can be cut using Hacksaw/Power Saw with ease and hence result in no or very mininmun wastage.


Guru Ganesh AAC help to reduce at least 30% of environmental waste, decrease 50% of greenhouse radiation and over 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick.

Earthquake Resistance

Research engineers have proven that using the AAC Light Block in your building will reduce life risks during a massive earthquake to almost by 4 times.

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