About AAC Light Block
(Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)

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Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) Light Block is a building material invented in the mid-1920s that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, and fire- and mold-resistance. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks which is light to weigh and high in strength. AAC is a highly thermally insulating concrete-based material used for both interior and exterior construction. Besides AAC's insulating capability, one of its advantages is quick and easy installation, because the material can be routed, sanded, or cut to size on site using standard power tools with carbon steel cutters.

We use a high-end automated set up and thus we do not compromise on the quality. We ensure that our products conform to all standards needed for a good construction product and passes all the IS standards of testing. Our automated machinery and testing process ensure high quality for each and every block that we produce.

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AAC products are made using slurry mix containing cement, sand, lime and aerating agent. The slurry is poured and moulded to form light-weight blocks. The high-pressure steam-curing mechanism in the autoclave facilitates the curing process of the moulded lightweight concrete, producing physically and chemically stable products that weigh about 1/5 of normal concrete. AAC products contain millions of tiny non-connecting air pockets yielding superior thermal insulation property. AAC products are typically installed to form walls, floors and roofs.
Below are few reasons why its a wise decision to choose AAC Light Block over other construction material manufacturers:

  • Light Weight & Cost Saving
  • Fast Construction & Environment Friendly
  • Sound, Fire, Water & Earthquake Resistance

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